Tour da Croix and Menominee

Here are the scores for Menominee and TDC. The TDC link contains a short write up and some pictures along with the scores.

Menominee  |  Tour da Croix

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New London 2015 – 11 races

Reservoir Rendezvous 2015relaxingnlrAbove racing friends gather round having a cool one after Saturdays racing as Carl preps the grill.

Results PDF   2015fleetNLR      2015overallNLR

Early Friday comers were greeted with 10-20 with some higher puffs Friday afternoon making for a great tune up day.   Those that had them were out on short boards and those that didn’t got more tuned up for the weekend races.   Several locals showed up for an afternoon of short boarding.  Course designer Eric Rahnenfuehrer got the marks  set Friday afternoon in an  ABC triangle with start and finish near the beach launch area.  The wind held to the southwest for a nice long upwind from the start line all weekend.

The wind and weather was great though a bit warm on Sunday there was nice steady light breezes just made for long board racing.   Four races were ran Saturday before lunch and three afterwards.  Sunday morning the breeze was even better and four more races got in between ten and noon.   Wow 11 races, we were spent as the wind came up a bit tempting some to do a few more runs.  Start man Mark Ulicki kept things rolling with a five minute next start from the last finisher.    Hosts and cooks Carl and Laurie Rappaport with Allyson Bigelow kept the food coming with lunch, Saturday evening cookout, Sunday morning breakfast and another lunch after Sundays racing.    Scott Haas tallied up the scores and an quick awards and wrap up  meeting happened about 1 concluding a successful event.

Dominating once again were Mark Drotleff from Columbus Ohio racing an Mistral Equipe II with Aerotech VMG 7.5.   Behind and sometimes ahead of him was Gordon Bittle also from Columbus riding an original Mistral Superlight with his Mistral Prodigy one design 8.5 sail.   Eric Rahnenfuehere placing third in several races was riding his Bic Bomba modified with two large foils on the bottom.  The remaining competitors were often finishing close together making for some excitement at the finish line.   Coming farthest to attend this year was Tom Stokes from Michigan City Indiana.


So I haven’t mentioned the non-racing crowd which once again outnumbered the racers.   There was at least 20 some other people there doing some windsurfing on Saturday.   With kids and spouses and dogs it was a great crowd.  Sunday afternoon after the races a group of a dozen teens showed up for the learn how clinic the Cleveland gang there does.  They keep a flotilla of wide leaner boards and shorts sails there in a trailer.




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2015 Grosse Pointe results

grosseptscThe winds were light but steady making for a fun filled day of competitive racing around an I course.  The morning temps felt  a little cool but the sun came out after a pizza lunch break.    As always the waters of Lake St. Claire were clear and the big mansions along the shore made a picturesque setting to race in.    Click on the score image above to see large version. :-)



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2015 MOWIND Series Scores through June

With the Door County Breeze complete this weekend, the 2015 MOWIND Race Series is halfway done. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Preliminary Results through June:

A Fleet  |  Sport Fleet  |  Kona Fleet

The 2015 Race Series awards reception will be held Saturday night at the Windpower Championships held September 18-20, 2015. This event will also serve as the opener for the 2016 MOWIND Race Series.

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2015 Door County Breeze

The 21st annual Door County Breeze took place this weekend. As always, there was great food and atmosphere along with competitive racing. Friday featured a fun sail hopping around some of the islands in the bay. Saturday had 4 races in lighter wind and Sunday had four more races in moderate wind.


Next year will bring a change in focus at the Door County Breeze – they will focus on a fun event without formal racing. Part of the plan is to maximize the chances for a good island hopping fun sail by being able to choose a day from Fri-Sun, rather than only having it scheduled for Friday. Sailors will still be able to hang out together throughout the weekend and the camp ground will still be booked. The dates are June 24-27, 2016.

A big Thank You to Steve and Jan Vande Corput (and family & friends) for their years and decades of leading this event!

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