Alum Creek

A  racer finishes the course

Saturday at August 20, 2016    at the Marina at  10,   at Alum Creek,    a fun informal freegatta noevent is planned to keep the event streak happening.   Most feel this is perhaps the longest running regatta in the country with roots back to the early 80′s.

Alum 2015 …  there was a small meet with launching at the marina area on June 6th, 2015.

 Local sailors usually launch at the New Galena launch at the south east side of the reservoir.  However the west side marina area has a lots of grass, shade, ample and closer parking with a sorta beach area.

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If staying at the park campground it is best to reserved a spot on-line .   If you can double up with a friend(two car passes allowed per site) it won’t cost you much more than $25 for two nights.     We strongly suggest you reserved a few weeks or more in advance as the campground can  be full up in the warm season.    The fishing is super there so bring a rod and reel.      Because of budget cuts the camp welcome registration office has limited hours .. if you arrive early morning or late evening and  if you registered online .. then you just fill out a self-registration card at the entrance gate … specify your reserved camp site # and note you already paid online ..  then you come back later when the office is open to get your car passes.    If you have a friend coming later best to keep in contact with him and meet him with the second car pass up at the gate.

Make reservations at    (select Premium Sites on the registration form) to see the K15 – K23 sites ..

 A camp map is provided below and the spots to get are  any at the end of the K area circle lots ( K15, K17, K19, K21, K22. K23) there is a great old beach with grass there about a 100 yard walk from the circle.   K13 is good also with access to the other cove.   There is a small playground and swings close by if you have little ones.    Also on next row over the lots  L-16, L-17, L-18 have water access with L-17 being the better.  Just across the little cove from the L sites  is the campground boat launch and parking where the bulk of people launch from,  it’s just a short 10 minute walk from there back to the camp sites.

Alum Creek park map      Alum Creek camp map

Alum Creek Regatta

See MOWIND Calendar for event date and contact information.    The last few years  this has been a  free-gatta,  that is no entry fee charge and usually a one Saturday afternoon event.      Be there rigged and ready to go by 11:30ish.    Usually an informal get together right afterwards for supper somewhere close by or at the host campsite is held early Sat evening.

Date:  Usually held the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend.  That way there is some space between the event and all the Hatteras trips going on in late April and early May.   Also by that time of year we usually have warm waters and air temperatures.

Location: Alum Creek State Park which is just north of Columbus Ohio off US 23,   There is camping at the state park or private facility close by.
Host organizer: Chris and Paul Sandstrom

History: If not the oldest and longest running event in the country it is darn close to it.   A great place for beginners to race at. Being one of the

Alum Creek racers heading in for lunch break after the mornings races.

most southern race locations for the mid-west this is a great spot for mid-May windsurfing. The temperatures in mid-Ohio are often 20 degrees warmer that time of year than what you’ll find in lower Michigan and the water is considerably warmer also and  people sailing in shorts.   Alum Creek isn’t a tiny reservoir .. it’s big being over a mile wide at points and several miles end to end.


Alum Creek lake looking south from Chesire Road bridge.