Report New London Ohio 2016


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High Point results NLRR 2016  thanks to A.C.

Weather temperatures were great with uppers 70′s instead of 90′s.  Amazingly the Friday wind streaked continued for a sixth straight year.   Why ? .. nobody knows,  surely calling 6 red in a row and winning every time on a roulette wheel must be like a million to one.     A small group from Windsor Ontario came down and caught the short board action on Friday afternoon along with several early arriving contestants.  One of the Windsor group raced a few races on an old borrowed Obrien Sensation.   So the event turned international this year!  A few of the regulars didn’t show but a few new faces made for a nice fleet of 11 competitors.   As usual  a dozen or more other people were out on the water along a few kids enjoying the 5 to 8 breezes seen on Saturday and Sunday.     Sunday afternoon about 2:30 the wind cranked up again as a strong warm front moved in.    Carl prepared nice lunches with meat wraps and a cookout of bratwurst and burgers with roast corn on the cob on Saturday evening.   Ed got a campfire going which several enjoyed late into Saturday evening under clear starry skies.


Seven races were ran on Saturday.   The winds pick up a bit on Sunday morning and we got six more races in quick succession by 12:30.   Fleet overall 1st place was battled out by Gordon Bittle  from Columbus Ohio and Peter Hartwich from Minnesota.  Gordon rode an original Mistral Superlight with a Mistral Prodigy 8.5 sail  and Peter a Starboard Phantom with a Serene 9.5.   In the lighter winds the old Superlight won out with it’s  upwind pointing and board speed in the lower wind conditions.