Worthington Results

The Lake Okabena winds delivered big time for the 2012 event after being lighter than normal in 2009, 2010, and most of the 2011 event. We had four more races Sunday in fantastic 20-30 mph winds, after completing 5 races in 15-25+ mph winds on Saturday.

Once again, Jeff Hegwer, Jason Swanson, and Ann Gratton did a fantastic job on Race Committee. Thank you for making the event run so smoothly. Also, thank you to the City of Worthington and all of the other event organizers. Worthington is one of the most windsurfer-friendly cities in the country and MOWIND appreciates the hospitality every year.

Check out some of the great regatta coverage at the Worthington Daily Globe website: http://www.dglobe.com/event/tag/tag/regatta/

They have a nice Photo Gallery (I included some pictures below).

Race Results:  A Fleet  |  Kona Fleet  |  Sport Fleet  |  Workshop