I-LYA BayWeek Regatta Results

The ferry ride over to Middle Bass Island for the Bay Week Regatta  started with a good omen as a Miller Beer delivery truck was parked in the ferry line also.

Good Omen in the Ferry Line

The 2010 new Bay Week (Fri - Sat – Sun weekend ) regatta had great winds each day,  unfortunately the wind came late afternoon on Friday and Saturday after racing had been postponed for the day.    However being full of energy us windsurfers got in several hours of  great fun sailing until dark both those days.   Just in case you are wondering … let me say the wind wasn’t little puffs either …   it was great powered up full on shore 7.5 conditions that blew hard even after sunset.        There were 150 entries total in the regatta  eight of them being windsurfers.   That’s a heck of a big fleet and the Put-In-Bay harbor was jammed with sailboats boats stacked five deep at the docks.  In the centerboard fleet that us windsurfers were part of, the big class was a group of 25 Hobie 13′s.    Those Hobies 13 really know how to flip!    

On day one and two USA-136  Eric Rahnenfueher  set up  practice marks so we could perfect our mark roundings during our fun sessions.  Novice lady windsurfer Denise Roznovsky got in some good wave sailing practice on an RS:X.    Early Saturday afternoon a gang of five of us SUP paddled our windsurfers over to the west point of Middle Bass where JJ graciously gave us some refreshments for our efforts.   However while drinking those refreshments a breeze started kicking up so we had to get back and as it did late afternoon the day before the wind magically returned.          When we woke up on Sunday morning  the wind was still blowing strong and it seemed to be building a bit.    

On day three we established what I believe is likely a new MOWIND record for windsurfers.   Because the centerboard fleet had not raced on day one or two the RC wanted an extra earlier start time to make sure we got at least three races in on Sunday morning.      The windsurfer class was start three in a fleet that had four starts and the course that day was a  triangle with an extra sausage leg around the windward and leeward marks.      The RC the evening before moved the first warning gun up to 7:55 am  meaning we might need to leave shore at 7:30 am if winds were light.       Fortunately for  us windsurfers that were staying at Middle Bass Island state campground it was an quick easy ten minute reach to the start line.    The reason it was so easy was the winds were building quickly and three guys even returned to shore to get their 7.5′s on.       As far as the MOWIND record …   I believe an 8:10 am start with three races completed by 10:15 am  for windsurfers has to be some kind of record.      

Below USA 064 Rod Clevenger accepts his 1st place flag and cup from the I-LYA Commodore.    Rod also won the daily award (first finisher in the first race) a nice I-LYA logo fleece vest and hat.  In the background in the straw hat,  JDX  Jim Donahue pours a beer at the beer wagon.

Rod Clevenger - 1st in Windsurfer Class

Fleets results for windsurfer class.
1.  USA 64  – Hybrid -  Rod Clevenger
2.  USA 136  – Unlimited – Eric Rahnenfueher
3.  H – Hybrid – Scott Haas
4.   JDX – Hybrid – Jim Donahue
5.   W -  Hybrid – Gary Smith
6.  12 – Hybrid – Philip Dufresne
7.   D  -   Women Sport – Denise Roznovsky
8.   S1 – Hybrid – Scott Foley

Hopefully more windsurfers will come out to Middle Bass Island in August 2011 for the next I-LYA Bay Week event and enjoy a few days windsurfing.    Yes there is a race but you can also elect to just race a couple races if that’s all you want.    2010 was an epic year  as we had several  days in a row of beautiful 85 degree temperatures, wind and no rain!     The islands offer something for everyone and for photographers there are lots of beautiful views of boats sailing by .. click image for larger view!   

Two sail boats pass by windsurfer launch beach at Middle Bass State Park Campground.

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#1 Steve and Terri Parker on 08.11.10 at 9:57 PM

Congradulations to Rod Clevenger and Thanks for your support of windsurfing. It has always been a pleasure to know you.