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2014 Windpower Championships

Friday had fantastic wind and warm weather that made for an epic supercrossing from Windpower on the south end of Lake Winnebago to High Cliff State Park on the north end of the lake (about 30 miles north). South wind made the trip even longer but led to some great stories of sailors working their way that far downwind.

Good 5-15 mph wind and warm weather Saturday were used to full effect in 3 competitive course races, a break for lunch, and then a long distance race (counts 2x).

Course racing start on Saturday

The MOWIND Awards dinner at Sunset on the Water was followed by a huge bonfire at Windpower.

Yep, that’s a boat in the bonfire!

Sunday had 15-35 mph winds so slalom racing was held right off the pier at Sunset. 5 races were completed, with the wind spiking into the 30′s in the 4th race (R9 overall) and into “batten down the hatches” levels during the last race (R10).

Slalom start

2014 Windpower Championships Links


Results:  A Fleet  |  KONA  |  Sport Fleet


2014 MOWIND Race Series Results

The 2014 MOWIND Race Series awards were presented at the annual dinner at the Windpower Championships, September 20-21. The 2014 Windpower Championships also marked the beginning of the 2015 Race Series.

2014 MOWIND Series Final Scores

2014 MOWIND Series – A Fleet  |  2014 MOWIND Series – KONA  |  2014 MOWIND Series – Sport Fleet

Congratulations and Thank You to all the racers – see you again next year! Special thanks as well to my wife, Tracy, for making customized beach towels for the awards.

Customized awards


A Fleet Unlimited

1 – Arden Anderson

2 – Peter Hartwich
3 – Adam Anderson
4 – Andy Gratton
5 – Don Altmeyer
A Fleet Limited
1 – Gordon Bittle
2 – Mark Drotleff
3 – Niels Zunmueller
1 – Steve Johnson
2 –Del SCarpenter
3 – Steve Callaway
Sport Fleet Women
1 – Andrea Gratton School
2 – Kelly Johnson
2 – Mary Deuster
Sport Fleet Senior
1 – James Magnuson
2 – Victor Hora
3 – Joe Graboyes
Sport Fleet Men
1 – Mark Schmitz
2 – Paul Baker
3 – Phil Barhouse

Windpower Championships next weekend

The Windpower Championships are next weekend. Click HERE for details.

2014 Door County Breeze

We had great wind and weather for the Door County Breeze this weekend. Saturday morning had 10-25 mph winds and we did three course races before breaking for lunch. At the post-lunch skipper’s meeting Steve announced that we would do one more course race followed by a long distance race (counts as two) that took us further out into the bay. This gave us 6 races for the day. We ended the day with a fantastic meal and great raffle prizes (like ice cream coupons, etc) right at the race site. The whole Vande Corput family did an excellent job hosting the event, as usual.

Sunday morning we had a bit of rain that we waited to pass –  that was easy given the numerous places for breakfast so close to the launch. Once the weather cleared we had 8-15 mph winds for another round of course racing. We did three races in a row and then wrapped up the event with some more raffle items and then awards.

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