2017 Windpower Championships

The 2017 Windpower Championships were blessed with warm weather (well, almost too warm at 90+ degrees) and near perfect raceboard conditions. Saturday had 6 races in 5-10+ mph wind, and Sunday had 4 more races in 5-15 mph wind. The conditions were good enough that Alex Monroe (US292) made it around the course in three of the races on a hydrofoil.

Thank you to all of the race organizers and to Windpower Surf Shop for hosting.

Saturday evening the whole crew got together at the Sunset On the Water Bar & Grill for dinner and the 2017 Mowind Race Series awards. This marked the end of the 2017 Race Series and the beginning of the 2018 Race Series. Let’s enjoy the fall winds, winter sailing (some on ice/snow, maybe some nice vacations to warmer climates), and then planning to do it again next year!

RESULTS:  A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleet

Here are some of the facebook posts from the weekend. I hope the embedded links work, and that nobody minds sharing the content. Contact me arden.EL11@gmail.com if there are any issues or concerns.


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2017 MOWIND Race Series Awards

The 2017 Mowind Race Series award banquet was held last Saturday evening during the Windpower Championships. Etched mugs and wine glasses were presented to the top performers in each division. Also, a Locosys GW-60 gps watch was raffled off and Randy Howell was the lucky winner. This raffle raised $392 for Mowind! Many thanks to all of the people that bought tickets throughout the season, and especially to Craig Bergh for donating the watch. Another special thanks goes out to Tom Stokes for donating $500 to Mowind earlier this summer. Finally, thank you to all the racers and organizers that helped make the 2017 Race Series a success. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are the results of the 2017 Race Series:  A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleets

Congrats to the 2017 Mowind Winner’s Circle!

2017 Winner’s Circle

A Fleet Unlimited Division
1.  Arden Anderson
2.  Peter Hartwich
3.  Adam Anderson
4.  Andy Gratton
5.  Niles Book

A Fleet Limited Division
1.  David Hill
2.  Gordon Bittle
3.  Mark Drotleff

A Fleet Women
1.  Kathy Leifer


1.  Delburn Carpenter
2.  Tom Stokes
3.  Randy Howell

Sport Fleet Men
1.  Mark Schmitz
2.  Victor Hora
3.  Ron Mitton

Sport Fleet Women
1.  Mary Deuster

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2017 Race Scores

Here are race scores from the last few events of the year.

Racine Regatta  |  Tour da Croix  |  Menominee Festival  |  Reservoir Rendezvous

Here are the race results from the previous events of the 2017 Race Series.

Worthington  |  Saylorville Dam Jam: A-Fleet and Kona & Workshop  |  Walleye  |  Windpower Championships: A-Fleet and Sport Fleet


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Racine Regatta next weekend Sept 9-10

Reminder that next weekend September 9-10 is the Racine Regatta hosted by Racine Yacht Club. Last year was the inaugural event and it was a great time. Contact Fred Stritt 2hasten@charter.net or Arden arden.EL11@gmail.com for info. Or FB Messenger to Mowind. See you there!

Photos from last year, LINK.

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New London 2017 Report

13 contestants battled it out on the course for 13 races.  3 days of really beautiful weather.    Friday warm up afternoon seen several get out in breezes that built to a nice 10 to 15 for about an hour late afternoon.    Saturday things got underway about 11AM in light breezes that came out of the north which is not the best direction for the reservoir.  The start line was more of a starboard reach which was good to have in light conditions.     There were many tight finishes and mark roundings where 4 or 5  on 8.5 and 7.5 sails were neck and neck all around the course.  Steve Uhthoff from MD and Peter Hartwick from MN on 9.5 sails and modern race boards gave the home boys something to catch.   Mark Drotleff #88 from OH with his 7.5 and Equipe managed to get second overall and even score a couple bullets.    8 races got ran on Saturday as Mark U. and  race committee scoring crew  operating like a finely tuned machine kept things rolling starting the next race within  5 minutes after the last finisher.   Besides a lunch,  a  nice cookout of hamburgers and brauts was done early evening by Carl Rappaport followed by Sunday breakfast and lunch!  It is group camping so everyone sits around Saturday evening sharing sailing stories.    Sunday skippers meeting got held at 9:30AM with first start about 9:45AM.   The upwind mark and start line had been adjusted for the southwest wind  that really filled in nicely and some upwind planing was happenning.     The wind was shifty and it was exciting to have  6 boards all within a 100 yards of the upwind mark but at different tacks.   The wind puffs got longer and bigger each of the 5 Sunday races that finally ended about 12:30.    Many thanks to all that raced ..  really was a fun crowd this year.   Scott #H
Photos Library  by   Brad Petot

PDF  Results



One of the starts ..  there is always that  1.  one guy on port tack,  2  Lunch Break




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